Changes to SWStretford

My last night in group as a Slimming World Consultant is Wednesday 23 August 2017. After nearly 9 years of looking after our Stretford members, I will be ‘hanging up my scales’ for good, taking a new challenging role within the National Health Service.

All content will remain, I do not plan on removing anything until the licence and hosting comes to an end. Further updates may not appear on social media, and if you’d like to receive the newsletter you can do so.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support with our group over the past few years, and for the engagement we’ve had on our website.

Best wishes,




Whilst I aim to have provided up to date and accurate information with regards to the Slimming World Plan and Food Optimising, some things do change.

Therefore, for your own weight loss success, please double check any Syn value or recipe information provided on the internet, as things do change, and unless it’s on the website, it is unofficial and may not be accurate.



SWStretford provides a range of information about the Slimming World plan. The webpage was previously where a local Slimming World Consultant in Stretford, Manchester would post updates.