Carrot Cake Hifi Bars – Launching in October!

Yes it’s true – as we posted yesterday on our Facebook page, there is a brand new Hifi Bar coming out in October, and it’s Carrot Cake flavoured!

A scrumptious carrot cake-inspired cereal bar, topped with walnuts and grated carrots, dipped and drizzled in creamy yogurt.

The new Hifi Bar will be available in groups from w/c 22 October 2017, and as always will be 3 Syns per bar.

They are also suitable for vegetarians, but are not gluten free.


Goodbye ‘HiFi Light’ bars!

You may notice that there is no mention of this being a ‘Light’ bar – however it’s still 3 Syns.

The reason for this is that Slimming World are phasing out the ‘Light’ name against the range of Hifi Bars as all of the range are now available in the 3 Syn ‘Light’ version – as such, there’s no other change other than the name.

You can still enjoy 2 Hifi Bars as a Healthy Extra B Choice, or at just 3 Syns each.

Other products in the range will be re-branded over the next few months.



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