Food Optimising Update: Sausages

As you might already know, our Head Office team keep a close eye on the food industry to make any recipe or product changes don’t affect your weight losses.

Recently, they’ve been looking at every kind of sausage! What they’ve discovered is that as well as some sausages containing ingredients that aren’t Free (like flour), the fat levels vary – even in low-fat sausages.

To protect members’ weight losses, we’ve made a decision to tighten up on how we calculate Syns for sausages. It’s not a big change, but we thought you’d like to know so you can check out the Syn values of your favourites on Syns Online!

Here’s a number of popular sausages – check our your favourite on Lifeline Online!

  • M&S skinny sausages – 1 syn each
  • Heck paprika, sesty chicken – 0.5 syn for 2
  • Heck Italia chicken 34g – 0.5 syn each
  • Heck chicken italia thick sausage (60g) – 1 syn each
  • Heck Spring chicken – 0.5 syn for 2
  • Asda Light & Lean sausages – 0.5 syn each
  • Asda reduced fat pork sausages – 1 syn each
  • Morrisons EatSmart cumberland sausage 70% reduced fat – 1 syn each
  • Morrisons EatSmart pork sausage 70% reduced fat – 1.5 syn each
  • Tesco irish pork sausage gluten free reduced fat (28g) – 2 syns each
  • Tesco Butchers choice reduced fat pork sausage (57g)- 3 syns each
  • Aldi Ashfield Farm Butchers select pork reduced fat (57g) – 3 syns each


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