ASDA Slimzone Ready Meals and Slimming World

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About the range

The new Asda Slimzone range has launched in certain stores across the UK. It has attracted a number of queries from Slimming World members asking if they’re free on the Food Optimising Plan.

The range of products currently are limited to certain Asda stores and include 8 different types of frozen ready meals. These include Chicken Tikka Massala, Chicken Jalfrezi and Chicken Chow Mein, under the ‘Asda Slimzone’ branding.

Asda has announced that they are ‘Free to enjoy when following the Slimming World Extra Easy Plan‘.

Slimming World has not been involved in the production or creation of these products. Therefore it has not yet been confirmed what Syn value the meals have.

In fact, any ready meal could be ‘Free to enjoy’ on the Slimming World plan. Food Optimising is a flexible weight loss programme where no food is banned, therefore this does not suggest that the meals are 100% Syn free.

How to check the Syn Values

Advice from Slimming World at this point, as with any new product, is to use the online Syn Calculator on Lifeline Online.

Slimming World is planning to review the products, however this will be when the full recipe and ingredients specification is available. Once confirmed, Slimming World will then add the items to the Syns Directory and the mobile app to keep members up to date.

As a result, the Syn value when confirmed may be different to the calculator result.

“The products are not Slimming World products, Slimming World’s nutrition team are currently assessing the meals. In the meantime you can get an approximate Syn value from the Syns Calculator online.’

  • Slimming World

We’ll continue to update this post as soon as new information arrives.

Syn Calculator Results

Update: 3 January 2017

Asda have provided us with the nutritional background to the following 3 meals, and using the Syn calculator have been worked out as below.

  • Chicken Tikka Masala: 1.5 syns
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry: 0 Syns
  • Jalfrezi Chicken: 2 syns

These values may change once Slimming World have looked into the meals further, however for now please continue to use the calculator.


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