Why are Slimming World Syns, called ‘Syns’?

This is a regular question which pops up in our group, asking what the word ‘syn’ means, and where it comes from.

The name comes from the previous Sin-A-Day plan, whcih was developed in the 1990’s into two main Food Optimising plans; Original and Green days. In the late 2000’s, further research allowed development of the Extra Easy plan – the most generous healthy eating plan available!

‘Sins’ became ‘Syns’, which stands for ‘Synergy’ – and is how foods and drinks which are not part of the Free Foods or Healthy Extras sections, fit in with the Food Optimising plan.

The unique Slimming World Syns system is designed to remove the guilt out of eating, allowing members to enjoy their favourite foods every day, from chocolate to crisps, Yorkshire puddings or even a favourite tipple. All food which isn’t free has a Syn value – and members simply choose how to spend their Syns each day.

For a steady weight loss, most people enjoy between 5-15 Syns a day, although this can vary according to weight, height and lifestyles.

Did you know? Slimming World was the first weight loss organisation to fund research into the benefits of macronutrient content, energy density and satiety, looking at how choosing foods that are naturally low in calories and that fill you up and keep you fuller for longer could benefit weight loss. Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan is based on these principles. These are the Free Foods which members can eat in unlimited amounts.

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