Hayley Edwards: Mum lost 11st after being caught in a turnstile in Manchester

Hayley-EdwardsMeet the lovely Hayley Edwards – a mum from Wales who has lost 11st 3lbs with Slimming World. 

Hayley weighed 23 stone at her heaviest, and joined her local group in Abertillery, Wales. Last week she was crowned their group’s greatest loser – after dropping nearly half her original body weight.

The turning point for Hayley was 3 years ago when she went to a rugby match in Manchester and couldn’t get through the turnstile.

“It was so embarrassing. It definitely shamed me into losing weight. It definitely kept me going as I kept that in my mind and said to myself I never wanted to be that size again,” she said.

Hayley also found difficulty enjoying a day out for her step-daughter’s birthday when at a theme park, she was unable to go on any of the rides as she couldn’t fit into the seats.

However since losing weight, Hayley who is an auxiliary nurse at Royal Gwent Hospital, has discovered a new lease of life.

“The amount of things I can do now compared to before is just fantastic.

It’s just basic, everyday things. I have two young children and even just going out with them is more enjoyable.”

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