Is Couscous Cake free on Slimming World?

A recipe keeps circulating around unofficial Facebook groups about a recipe which uses couscous to make a lemon cake (or a similar flavoured cake).

On Extra Easy and Green Day plans, Couscous is free, however the claim is that the recipe is syn free as it uses couscous which is free.

Couscous Cake is not free on Slimming World!

Couscous cake is not free as the couscous is being used in a different way as to how it was designed.

If you ate couscous as part of a main meal, such as with a lamb tagine and with lots of healthy vegetables or salad, you’d eat far less of the couscous as you’d have choice of other products as well. Because of the way Extra Easy works, you’re encouraged to fill up at mealtimes.

Most people would enjoy couscous cake on it’s own and in between meals. You could be eating a large amount of couscous as a result of enjoying this recipe, and this could slow your weight loss.

As always, we’d recommend that you head for Speed foods first between meals. They’re the lowest calorie foods and will boost your weight loss!




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