Daniel Hassall – Slimming World’s Young Slimmer of the Year 2014

Meet 20-year-old Daniel Hassall from Sandbach, Cheshire who has been announced as the Slimming World Young Slimmer of the Year 2014.

Daniel lost 5 stone 2lbs in total with his weight dropping from 18 stone 8lbs (118kg) to 13 stone 6lb (85kg). As well as his weight loss, he has also noticed a dramatic reduction in the number of epileptic seizures he experiences.

My doctors can’t believe it. They thought there might be a link between my weight and my epilepsy but they never expected losing weight to make such a big difference so they’re delighted – and so am I. Walking into my Slimming World group was without doubt the best decision I’ve ever made – it’s changed my life – and I really want to share my story with other people who have epilepsy to make them aware of what a difference losing weight could make.Daniel Hassall

Daniel regularly suggfered up to 30 partial seizures a day and one ‘grand mal’, or full seizure, every couple of weeks before his weight loss. Now, he says he suffers from fewer than five partial seizures each day – and the full seizures are far less frequent.

 After losing his weight, Daniel now teaches martial arts as a volunteer.


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Image reference: Slimming World/PA



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