What’s your favourite recipe book?

Very simple question today – what’s your favourite recipe book?

A number of recipe books are published by Slimming World directly, but there’s also a lot of other books available by either celebrity chefs or tailored to useful tools in the kitchen (e.g. slow cookers). If your favourite recipe book isn’t a Slimming World one – don’t worry, you don’t need to throw it away, but instead you can adapt the recipes to fit in with Food Optimising.

For example BBC’s Good Food Spaghetti Bolognese sounds really good – but uses a few things which aren’t Free Foods – such as standard mince and olive oil. A simple swop here would be to instead use Fry Light and Extra Lean Mince to allow it to become a free food meal.

One of my favourite recipes comes from Mr Jamie Oliver and is a very simple Chilli Con Carne – but again requests the presence of (a lot of!) olive oil, and soured cream – the simple option? Fry Light and then missing the soured cream (it doesn’t really need that bit) – but if you’d like to add it, just count the syns.

The back of your Food Optimising book has a selection of ‘kitchen basics’ which allows you to calculate how much each recipe would be in syns – and then split this by the number of servings.

It’s really simple to adapt most recipes, and if you do get stuck, ask in group to see if any fellow members can help – or suggest other ideas!

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