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Slimming World has provided a further update on 7 February 2017 in relation to the Slimzone range of Ready Meals.

We wanted to let you know that after careful consideration and on the advice of our legal team, we have this week taken action to ask Asda to remove our trade marks from their range of Slimzone meals.

We do believe that Asda are unlawfully using our much loved and much respected name and trade marks on their meals (that’s Slimming World, Extra Easy and Free), and are trading on the back of our brand’s reputation, which we’ve built and nurtured over 47 years.

We’ve worked hard over these 47 years to earn the trust and confidence of our Consultants, our members and the UK and Irish public – and maintaining that trust and confidence is at the heart of our decision.

At the same time, we have decided that we won’t be adding the Slimzone products to our official nutrition database. We are unable to give an accurate value for them and by our calculations from the very limited information we’ve been able to obtain, a number of the meals could not be designated Free.  Although we asked Asda to let us have a more detailed breakdown of the ingredients used, they have not supplied those details and we have put on hold any decision about whether or not to include the meals in our official database.

We’ve had no such involvement in the Slimzone meals at Asda and without more detail, we cannot assume that the meals count as Free, no matter how close the ingredients list might appear.

We must stress at this point that the Slimzone meals – while being packaged as if to replicate our own range retailed in Iceland – cannot be directly compared in this way. You will know that the collaboration between Iceland and Slimming World is very different. Iceland have always worked honestly and transparently with us, and our own food and nutrition teams work hard to ensure only the best ingredients are used, and that the very highest standards are monitored and maintained. We are confident of the provenance and integrity of every ingredient and we are an intrinsic part of the development and production processes. We’ve had no such involvement in the Slimzone meals at Asda and without more detail, we cannot assume that the meals count as Free, no matter how close the ingredients list might appear.

We know that this news will be frustrating to some members and we are truly sorry for the disappointment it will cause. The situation is beyond our control. The case is now in the hands of a judge and we won’t be able to comment further on the meals themselves until we know the outcome of the case.

In the meantime, please be assured that our primary focus in our groups remains unchanged – and that our very best service to you, with the ideas and strategies you develop in group each week, is to support you (wherever you can) to create satisfying healthy meals for you and for your family (if that is what you’d like to do) – from scratch, and from the huge list of delicious and filling Free Foods listed in your Food Optimising books. This is how we promise to help you navigate your own personal route to a healthy new lifestyle that will help you to lose weight and to sustain your healthy new weight for life.

Thank you for your continued support to Slimming World and your fellow members in group – we wish you every continued success to your dream weight.

With our warmest best wishes

Slimming World

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