Update – ASDA removes Slimzone range of products

Update from ASDA with regards to the Slimzone range of ready meals:


Today, Asda will remove its Slimzone range of healthy, frozen ready meals from its shelves.

Since its launch in January, Slimzone has proven to be extremely popular with Asda’s customers and, as one of the best value healthy ready meals of its kind on the market, many were keen to include it in their diet.

A spokesperson for Asda said: “We take great pride in the integrity of the claims we make about our products. Recent information has come to light indicating that the method used by Slimming World to assess whether a ready-meal is free or not, surprisingly, is partly subjective and involves more than simply making food with free ingredients.

“Slimzone was always intended to bring more choice and lower prices to customers shopping for healthy frozen ready meals but because of this new information, we have chosen to remove the range while we consider the best option for our customers.”


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SWStretford provides a range of information about the Slimming World plan. The webpage was previously where a local Slimming World Consultant in Stretford, Manchester would post updates.