Forever Living Aloe Vera products and Slimming World

Aloe Vera juice products - use with Slimming WorldForever Living produces and sells Aloe Vera products through self-employed franchisees across the world. It’s classified as a ‘multi level marketing’ organisation, and you can only buy the products through specialist local distributors.

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”big” animation=”none” background=”plain”]Important: Before taking any supplements or medication, do check with your doctor first.[/dt_quote]

Important: For sense of being impartial, if you think of Slimming World HiFi Bars, these are only available through your local Slimming World group / consultant. The basis of the business is similar in this way – that you can purchase them through certain channels only.

This brief article is not designed to compare Forever Living Aloe Vera to the Slimming World plan. Instead it aims to explain how these products can fit into your Food Optimising plan if you’d like to take them.


Aloe Vera is a popular medicinal plant which has been used for thousands of years.

One common use is for topical (external use) medication, such as for on sunburns or sores/burns on your skin. It was first recognised for this by the US FDA (equivalent to the Food Standards Agency in the UK and NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) as being safe for treatment of burns back in 1959.

The original research found that it was effective at helping burn wounds accelerate the healing process.

I’d like to use Aloe Vera products with Food Optimising

If you would like to use Aloe Vera products (such as gels and drinks created by Forever Living) for oral purposes, such as to drink, you can still have these as part of your Food Optimising plan.

No food or drink is banned at Slimming World, however Aloe Vera gels or drinks are not Free Food, they are all Synned.

You will need to find out how many calories are in each amount which you’d like to consume and then use the 20kcal = 1 Syn rule. This only applies to products which have no Free Food allowance.

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”big” animation=”none” background=”plain”]Note: USA products use a different Nutritional Facts label compared to UK / EU products, therefore you may not be able to accurately work out Syn values using this method. There is no way to confirm fully the Syn values for Forever Living products due to this, however the 20kcal = 1 Syn rule is the closest you can get.[/dt_quote]

Alternatively, you can obtain Aloe Vera nutrition from other places. Boots have a number of tablet products which are similar to UK multivitamins and can be used instead of Forever Living products. For example – Aloe Vera Food Suppliement are Syn Free.

More Information: You can read about the benefits of Aloe Vera on the NHS Evidence website, provided by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).



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