Slimming World Overnight Oats

It’s not been a secret, but overnight oats has become a favourite with many of our members over the years. We added the recipe back in May 2014 here, and since then, the recipe has been very popular – not only because it’s quick and simple, but a filling and tasty breakfast treat.

Since then, many variations have become popular, from warmer desserts to more extravagant puddings – but we still love the simplicity of adding your favourite fruit and yogurt to make a quick breakfast dish!

Here, 4 recipes are shown, with Peach Melba, Banana-berry, Carrot cake and even Hot apple pie flavour. Enjoy!


40g porridge oats ( Add 7 Syns if not using Porridge oats as a Healthy Extra)
85ml water (optional)
200g fat free natural yogurt


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