Lo-Dough – review, current syn values and Pizza recipe

Last week, we were very pleased to receive a pack of the brand new Lo-Dough product which has been discussed at length in the Slimming World community. We received a pack of 2 pieces, and already began planning what would be the first ‘test’ to try out the product.

When it arrived, it was rolled in a small box and posted directly to us. From the company’s website, you can order Lo-Dough currently in either a small ‘taster’ pack, or in a larger box. With the small taster pack, it works out at around £2.50 (including delivery) per piece. When we’ve been discussing the product, people have been quick to comment on the price – however if you were to purchase a ready made pizza from the supermarket, you’d certainly pay around the same price – but the key part here is that you won’t need to cash out on the syns in comparison.

At just 39 calories per piece, Lo-Dough currently works out at 2 syns each.

What is it made of?

Lo-Dough is made from (shock horror) actual wheat, water and egg. Together with flour and salt, there are no artificial preservatives in the product. Each air-sealed packet lasts for around 3 months when they’re not opened, and should be eaten within 1 day when the pack has been opened. If you’re getting the larger box of items which we mentioned above, each air-sealed packet comes with 2 pieces inside, so the rest wouldn’t go to waste. It can also be frozen, although probably not needed due to the shelf life.

Pizza made with Lo-Dough is a virtuous revelation.

The product is also gluten free as it contains a very low level of gluten under guidance issued by the government – as such, gluten-free Slimming World members can enjoy Lo-Dough as part of their plan.

Slimming World Lo-Dough Pizza Receipe (2 Syns)

With no doubt on our mind, we fancied a nice homemade pizza to try out the new product, and as such we began getting everything ready. There were some very excited people looking forward to the idea of a 2 syn pizza!


  • 1 Lo-Dough Base
  • Tomato Puree
  • Dried herbs and seasonings
  • Sliced cooked smoked ham
  • 40g Kerry Low Low Cheese (Healthy Extra A)
  • Fresh Rocket


  1. Turn the oven to 180*c
  2. Mix the Tomato Puree with the dried herbs and seasonings until well mixed
  3. Spread the tomato mix across the Lo-Dough base
  4. Add the smoked ham (we ripped up liberally)
  5. Add the cheese (grated) across the top
  6. Cook for 8-12 minutes until golden
  7. Serve with the fresh rocket

What was it like?


As you can see, close up, it looks just like a pizza (reassuring).


At the same time, the prospect of 1/2 syn per slice, it was delicious. The base tasted crispy and firm, holding the topping just as you’d like. When you consider a Dominos Meaty Pizza will set you back around 8-10 syns per slice, this was a massive positive impression. We quickly began discussing other options which would keep us as low syn as we could get – mixed mushroom, vegetarian deluxe, chicken and sweetcorn… the list continued and we quickly realised that we needed more time – and more pizza bases.

As part of our Saturday evening chilldown, we enjoyed the pizza with rocket on the side and some more sliced ham (opting for Sainsbury’s Bavarian Smoked Ham which was on the pizza).

How to purchase

  • Lo-Dough is currently available at lo-dough.co and priced from £5 (per box of 2).






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