Claire and Jo – Slimming World Couple of the Year – Let it Go

Claire and Jo were at the Couple of the Year awards earlier this month – and here’s the song they created together, inspired by¬†Disney’s Frozen!


Last week, my girlfriend Jo and I went to Slimming World’s Couple of the Year final. Between us, we have lost almost 9 stone in the last year.

Although we didn’t win, we had a brilliant day. It was amazing to listen to so many people’s inspirational stories. There were definitely some tear-jerking moments!

We knew we were never going to win; we didn’t have a ‘story’ that could make people cry. We got fat, we lost weight, the end. However, we really did want to make people laugh, and we wanted to share our passion for Slimming World. So we wrote and performed this song at the finals instead!

We hope you like it!

Claire and Jo

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Steve was a Slimming World Consultant, running 2 groups in Stretford, Greater Manchester for over 9 years. He lost 5 1/2 stone following the Food Optimising plan and helped thousands of people lose weight healthily and successfully. You can find him on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.