Myths and Facebook rumours about Simplified Extra Easy and Extra Easy SP

latest-new-memberpackFacebook is a great social network, but it can quickly turn into a game of Chinese Whispers. With so much excitement around, there’s rumours and myths filling up your news feed and there seems to be no end!

Here’s three of the main rumours/myths which are circulating around – and the truth.

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There’s a totally new plan

A lot of messages and comments are all about the ‘new plan’ which Slimming World has for 2015. In fact it’s not a new plan, instead Extra Easy has been made more simpler to help new members and existing members get off to a great start in the new year. Simplified Extra Easy is even easier – meaning you can lose weight whilst still enjoying the foods you always have done!

So that’s a no. There isn’t a totally new plan – instead it’s been made even easier!

Slimming World have ‘got rid’ of Original and Green plans!

Since the launch of Extra Easy, members have loved the ability to enjoy a large variety of different foods and make up some fantastic everyday meals. In a recent survey, it was found that Extra Easy was the most popular plan, and so to make things easier for new members, the 2015 Slimming World Member Pack refers exclusively to this plan.

However, Original (or Red days) and Green have not gone. As a member, you can download the full Original and Green day plans from the LifelineOnline website, and still follow these plans – the syn values for products are still available online through LifelineOnline and there’s still a range of books produced.

So again, no – Slimming World have not ‘got rid’ of Original and Green!

You can’t have potatoes, pasta or rice on Extra Easy SP

This one is also around at the moment, and it was unfortunate to see that when someone had asked about this on an unofficial Facebook group, it had been met with sharp responses.

It does not state anywhere in the New Member Pack that you cannot have potatoes, pasta or rice on an Extra Easy SP day – if you can see it, let me know! You can still enjoy these as part of the Extra Easy SP day, just read through the instructions on how to follow this day inside your book and you’ll be on the road to success!



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