National Chip Week: 17 – 23 February 2014

Slimming World Chips in an ActiFry

Potatoes are initially a source of confusion for new members – as at Slimming World, you can happily eat as many potatoes as part of our plan, and lose weight. This seems to go against everything they’ve been told before, but it’s true – potatoes are really good for you, and can help you lose weight!

Potatoes are virtually fat free. They’re a good natural source of fibre and of vitamins and minerals. They can also provide a great source of energy.

When people think of chips, they think of deep-fried chips in a pan. But with Slimming World, we’ve got our own baked variety which taste great and go well with fried eggs and baked beans (another thing you can eat as many as you want of with Slimming World!)

Many people create Slimming World chips in the oven, but I use my ActiFry. It’s really simple, and after 30 mins, you have some great chips ready to eat. They go great with most meals, or you can make them bigger into wedges (for with Burgers) or even as roasties for your Saturday lunch. Anyway you choose, eating them is fine with our Extra Easy and Green plans!

And I didn’t mention Jacket Potatoes – another great thing, with loads of baked beans.

Mmm.. #lunchtime



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