Slimming World Ultimate Bacon Burger with Cajun Wedges

Slimming World Ultimate Beef Burger with Bacon and Cajun Wedges

Fast food is quick and easy – but you don’t always know how it has been cooked or if the mince used in burgers is extra lean.

A typical McDonalds meal would set you back 24.5 syns for a Big Mac, and another 11.5 for regular size fries – a total of 36 syns for a meal.

Making your own burger, using chopped spring onions and extra lean minced beef, is a healthier and quicker way to replicate eating out favourites – and the best part is that this way (as shown in the image) is totally syn free!

To make the burger, simply chop 4 spring onions and mix together with extra lean minced beef and shape into burgers. Chill in the fridge for around 30 minutes.

For the wedges, simply chop floury potatoes into wedge shapes and season. Add a few sprays of Fry Light and place in a pan. Add cajun spice seasoning to taste and then mix, before placing in the oven at 180’c fan for about 30 minutes until crisp – turn throughout this time to keep them crispy on all sides.

Finally, grill some bacon, toast the Healthy Extra B Wholemeal Bread Bun (add syns if not using as a Healthy Extra B), slice the salad and keep a extra slice or two of red onion and tomato for the stack, and then build your burger using the free foods you’ve made.

And then enjoy – a brilliant meal which will amaze others but also leave you feeling fuller and satisfied.



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