Slimming World’s Fakeaways Book

slimming-world-fakeaways-bookLaunching w/c 7 April, Slimming World’s Fakeaways book is packed with more than 50 of your favourite takeaways – all designed around the Food Optimising plan!

With favourites such as burgers and doner kebabs, to chip shop classics like battered fish, scampi and pies – plus chips and sauces, the book is sure to be a favourite with our members!

A typical takeaway can mean you’re looking at using your syns at mealtimes – however with these Slimming World recipes, you’ll be able to have your Friday night treat and keep on track!

Take a McDonald’s burger – 24.5 syns for a Big Mac. Instead, swop to Slimming World’s version which is syn free using both your Healthy Extras for the bread and cheese – or count under half of the syns of the Big Mac!

Better still, there’s a recipe to make a Slimming World Pizza – from making the dough, adding your sauce and the topping for the top – a lot lower on the syns than a typical slice!

For our members who enjoy curries and Eastern delights such as pork in black bean sauce and chicken curry, they’ll all here too.

And finally, there’s a section dedicated to Slimming World Fried Chicken  -SWFC! Homemade, and delicious – this will become a family favourite in no time!

The book is available in groups for just £4.95.




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