Tefal Actifry – Slimming World Roast Potatoes

potatoes-1It’s no secret that at Slimming World you can have your cake and eat it – but in fact the same applies to potatoes! Another myth which we bust is that potatoes are bad for you – this certainly isn’t the case.

A key to lasting weight loss is eating foods that make you feel fuller for longer – complex carbohydrates such as potatoes can help you to keep feeling full up and avoid any binge-eating of high calorie items.

One new potato can hold just 26 calories (if you’re counting – we don’t at Slimming World!) and although they were originally enjoyed by 19th Century sailors to fend off scurvy, they’re full of Vitamin C and have been linked to reducing blood-pressure.

To add extra fibre, keep the skin on your potatoes.

potatoes-2A lot of members have a Tefal ActiFry (other brands are available…) and this is a quick and easy – and healthy -way to make potatoes or chips Slimming World style – providing a crunchy bite with a fluffy inside.

The image at the top of this page is of the starting point – I seasoned my half-cut new potatoes with Fry Light and Cajun spices. Then, after seasoning inside the plastic container, they were added to the Actifry (second image) showing the progress to time.

I can’t wait to get these open and enjoy with a steak and side salad. Yum!



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