Christmas Markets and Slimming World


This week, the Manchester Christmas Markets opened their stalls to welcome in the holiday season in style.

However at the same time, if you’re trying to lose weight, they can be difficult as you try to negotiate your way with your syns.

Here’s our simple guide to the Christmas Markets – with syn values!

Typical values

Gluhwein is a traditional drink at the Christmas markets – offered up in special commemorative cups. A typical cup of this traditional wine (made with sugar) will be around 30 syns.

Fancy a Bratwurst later in the evening? No worries – but you’ll need to consider that it’ll be 8 syns per 100g, and around 10 syns for the roll too.

There’s usually a pulled pork hog roast, and this is some good news – when it’s been cooked without fat (traditional for hog roast), this is free food, so you can enjoy this as a little treat. But watch out if it comes on a roll, again count 10 syns if that’s the case.

Whilst on the subject of food, there’s usually a traditional Spanish Paella stand. However, with the oil and chorizo involved, this can be around 13 syns per 400g. Try our low Syn Paella recipe here.

For pudding, there’s a number of options available. Stollen slices are usually around 10 Syns a slice, and Mince Pies vary between 11 and 13 Syns.

Crepes are a good option – at around 4 Syns each, you could enjoy them plain with plenty of fruit on top. Alternatively, sauces will be slightly higher.

And finally drinks – how about a Hot Chocolate (using Skimmed milk) which is around 13 Syns for 400ml. And a Stein of German Beer, is around 17 Syns (0.5l).


Enjoy the Christmas markets. You can use your flexible Syns on these types of occasions – allowing you to lose weight whilst still enjoying yourself and being sociable.


With thanks to my colleague Nicole.



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