Don’t have a boring salad – make it more exciting!

I remember a long time ago, my idea of a diet* was that I’d turn into a rabbit. Eating nothing other than carrots or lettuce. That sounded boring, and certainly wasn’t for me.

Salads don’t have to be boring. In fact, I would hate to find people eating just lettuce or a carrot. Now as a mini snack, carrot sticks are great – really easy to nibble, and with a Syn Free Houmous, they’re lovely.

Try and make your salad more exciting by working through the free foods list. Better still, just like lunch, ensure you add as much as you can to get you beyond 1/3 superfree on your plate. It’s an adaption of a older plan called Success Express (look in your member pack for details of how this works), but the amount of goodness on the plate is fantastic – and you’ll be on the route to success.

Are salads boring? Not at Slimming World!

*A inside joke at Slimming World is that DIET stands for ‘Dare I Eat That’. In fact, we’re the opposite. If it’s a free food, yes you can. You can eat those foods freely, without any restriction other than your appetite.



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