Food Optimising and Hangovers

wine-iconWith the weather being so nice, I’ve had a few messages about this ‘delicate’ subject! Here’s my guide to it!

Hangovers: We’ve no doubt all been there – pounding head, carpet-like tongue, waves of nausea and sweaty palms (not forgetting flashbacks of cringe-worthy karaoke-crooning!). Hangovers are undoubtedly nature’s way of letting us know when we’ve gone a bit overboard with the booze!

There are loads of low-Syn alcoholic drinks that are great choices for Food Optimisers, however, low-Syn doesn’t mean hangover-free! Being hung-over can play havoc with our slimming campaign as we grab those greasy fry-ups and settle for stodge in our delicate state!

The type of drink you choose can have a big effect on whether you suffer the next day. Darker drinks such as whisky, beer, brandy and red wine are more likely to cause a hangover than clear drinks such as white wine, gin and vodka (25ml vodka or gin is 2½ Syns, 125ml white wine is 4 Syns). That’s because dark drinks contain more congeners, flavouring agents and by-products of the fermentation process) which can worsen a hangover. Some drinks, eg alcopops also have added artificial colourings and flavourings which contribute to a hangover.


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