The Food Optimising Holiday Junction

scenicA lot of members in our groups are currently making the most of the nice weather and having a short break away from everything – work, home and also our groups – you can enjoy holidays as a member of Slimming World and you know that you’re more than welcome back when you return.

There are three main strategies which are available to members when you get to your holiday. Maybe you’ve been working hard to get to where you are, ready in advance for your holidays or maybe even you’re half way through your weight loss campaign and the holiday is just another hurdle in life. However no matter which way you choose to go when you get to a holiday, it works similar to any other occasion – even social events or parties.

No matter what happens, you’re always welcome back in your nearby Slimming World group. Our members plan ahead, ready for the up coming holiday season, and are ready on return to continue or maintain their weight loss.

The Food Optimising Holiday Junction is a handy help-sheet which I produced for my group and I’ve put it online for the moment so that it is a reference here for visitors. I may move this to our private ‘members only’ area later this week, but for now, you can view this information. It’s available here.

Then again – who needs to be on holiday abroad?! Last weekend was hotter than Barbados here in Manchester!


View the Food Optimising Holiday Junction strategy here



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