Why eBay can be a bad deal

ebayeBay is useful for selling unwanted things – but there’s a lot of things on there which are from Slimming World groups which people are selling at a much higher rate than what they are priced inside groups!

Therefore, today I’ve added the price list to our website of all books which are currently available in Slimming World groups. The reason for this is to help people see that they are being charged expensive fees online (especially for new member packs and out of date recipe books) and I’d love to see a stop to this. Slimming World is currently looking at ways to curb this, as it’s not fair on our members, and people are instead being taken for granted when they genuinely are looking for help and support for their weight, and eBay sales is not something which is going to help this as it appears that Slimming World is very expensive.

For example, this morning on eBay you can buy a Slimming World new member pack for around £19.99 – £34.99. That’s very expensive, especially since in group, this would currently cost you £9.95.

So for a eBay sale at £19.99, you’re getting the same you’d get in our group for just £9.95. So you’re being overcharged double.

Additionally, remember that with eBay you don’t get:

  • Your weight taken in group by our trained team
  • Advice and help with the plan
  • A full explanation of how it works
  • Meet other members and share ideas through Image Therapy at group
  • Online support (included free with your membership)
  • Access to our fantastic Facebook group
  • Support mid-week from me

So with eBay, you’re getting a pretty poor deal.

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*Edit: 3 March 2014 – Comments for this article have been suspended  and all have been due to abusive language from an eBay seller. We will not tolerate any such activity on this website*



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