Slow Cookers – Chilli Con Carne

Slow Cooker Version
Slow Cooker Version

It’s probably a meal more suited to winter times, but even in the middle of June, this is a sure family favourite. The mixture of extra lean mince, beans and spices makes a lovely sauce, and the best part is that it’s totally free on a Extra Easy day. Pile it up with loads of rice and you’ve got a great meal ready to feed several people.

But if you don’t have a few people to cook for, this is also a recipe which you can store for later, and it tastes even better (in my opinion) the next day in a giant Jacket Potato for lunch (which also is free – just add some salad to hit your 1/3 superfree!)

The best part for me with this recipe is that this time around, I did it in my new slow cooker. Again something probably more suited to winter times, but the convenience of it is great in Summer too – you can easily have meals ready for when you get home – avoiding the dreaded ‘snack period’ when you get in from work!

Either way, whether cooked in a pan or cooked in a slow-cooker, this is a great recipe and went down very well at home – and for lunch the next day!


Members: You can download the Slow Cooker recipe on our Facebook Page. If you’d prefer the non-slow cooker version, it’s available on Lifeline Online

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