Slimming World Tray Bake

Steve's Tray Bake
Steve’s Tray Bake

It’s Friday, and what better that a healthy and tasty meal to enjoy on the sofa as you relax after a long week back after the New Year?

My Slimming World Tray Bake is very simple to make and takes only 10 minutes to prepare. It tastes great served with mixed salad, Slimming World wedges or rice – and it’s syn free on an Extra Easy day, so you can enjoy eating as much as you like without any guilt at all!


Slice an onion and 2 peppers. Then cube chicken breasts, and also quarter 2 tomatoes. Put in a large pan with about 10 small mushrooms. Spray generously with fry light and then add 2 tbsp of paprika, 2 tbsp mixed herbs, 1 tbsp crushed garlic and 1 tbsp of crushed chillies.

Put lid on, shake gently for approx 1 minute to coat all, then arrange on baking tray with a sliced orange.

Place in oven at 200’c for 40 mins.


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Steve was a Slimming World Consultant, running 2 groups in Stretford, Greater Manchester for over 9 years. He lost 5 1/2 stone following the Food Optimising plan and helped thousands of people lose weight healthily and successfully. You can find him on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.