Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables

Looking for a quick and easy meal this evening? Look no further than this lovely, healthy mix which will leave you full up and feeling good!

Many major supermarkets currently have special ’3 for £10′ deals in place so you can take advantage of these with some of the steaks/chops which are available. In this example, we used Tesco’s deal and picked up a pack of 6 pork chops as well as some chicken fillets and also some minute beef steaks. The other items have been batched up into bags and frozen for next week – see our freezer tips for more suggestions for these.

As for tonight’s dinner – this is simple – just season your pork steaks and leave them to the side. Slice several potatoes into small cubes and then place into boiling water. We’ve left the skins on ours for extra texture and fibre, but you can peel them beforehand if you like.

Our vegetables are very simple – they’re from the freezer! Saving money with a large bag of mixed vegetables can also help you to have delicious vegetables ready when you need them – without the worry of having to prepare and chop them. Plus, they cook in just under 10 minutes so you’ve got something ready quickly when you need it.

Once everything’s ready, serve up. If you wish, you can add gravy (use your syns for this) or enjoy a lovely fruit salad afterwards to keep you fuller for longer – and hunger away!



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