Get hooked on cooking!

Going back to basics with your food choices is a great way to lose weight – it’s been a staple of our plan for decades and continues to be a firm favourite with our members – quite simply, because it works.

We have a recipe archive available which provides a number of fast and filling recipes, with many which are Syn free on Extra Easy days – and can be easily adapted to fit with the Original and Green eating plans. Learning how to cook simple recipes is the key to success as it reduces the reliance on buying mass-produced sauces which can be high in calories, fats and ultimately, Syns.

I really enjoyed learning to cook healthy meals from scratch. Fresh herbs, spices, stock and vinegar make a big difference to the taste of dishes – without adding Syns. I’ve been at target for 12 years now, so the result speak for themselves!

– Graham Clough, Slimming World’s Man of the Year 2001 who lost 6st 6lbs.

You can find a section of recipes online through Lifeline Online as well – and there’s loads packed in each issue of Slimming World Magazine, including a 7 day plan, to allow you to get ready for a fantastic week and a great weight loss too.

If you’ve never cooked a meal from scratch, find one now which you fancy – and plan to make it this weekend. It’s very rewarding and can work out a lot cheaper too than buying a ready made sauce.


The image used in this article is of Slimming World Lasagne – recipe is available in our secret Facebook group



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