Get a Tefal Actifry from just £94.99 – Special offer for Slimming World Members

Tefal ActifryIt’s back! Tefal is offering a large discount of £100 off the best-selling Tefal Actifry – perfect for making Slimming World Syn Free Chips!

Simply chop up your floury potatoes (Maris Piper or ‘Jelly’ variety are good options) and then spray with Frylight – adding any herbs or spices as you like. For us, it’s paprika – and then place into the ActiFry.

Set to cook for 30 minutes and you’re done – healthy and tasty chips, ready in no time – and enough to feed a family.

And not only can it cook chips, but also a whole range of other meals including stir-fried vegetables, meat, fish and even desserts!

Healthy, Safe and Versatile!

At Tefal, healthy eating corresponds to quality cooking which preserves food flavours and reduces cooking time. With ActiFry, you can associate high quality ingredients with a small quantity of oil. The automatic temperature control has a unique patented hot air distribution system, which circulates the hot air through the food for perfect even cooking.


Love, love, love my Actifry….under supervision my children can safely cook chips and sausages without the danger of splashing hot oil…as well as the added bonus it requires a small amount of oil which means we are eating healthy.

-Lindsay (Review on Tefal’s website)

As there isn’t a large amount of oils heated up, and there is no condensation on the lid, the ActiFry is the safest fryer on the market. The ActiFry is a very versatile machine – Not only can you cook real chips – but a whole range of other meals including casseroles, crunchy mixed fried vegetables, slices of meat and fish.

You don’t have to choose between a balanced diet and delicious food. This innovative appliance was designed to decrease the quantity of fat needed to cook chips and your favourite dishes without denaturing the taste! With a standard deep fat fryer, burned bits often accumulate in the oil as it is used and reused creating unpleasant burned smells. With ActiFry both fat and oil smells are reduced.

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