Slimming World’s Best-Loved Extra Easy Recipes

September 2015

A collection of slimming perfection!  

The results are in…the UK’s leading weight-loss organisation has compiled the definitive list of slimmers’ favourite dishes and beef lasagne tops the healthy recipe charts.

Slimming World used web statistics and information from letters, emails, social media posts and more to work out its 800,000 members’ most-loved recipes. And now they’ve brought them all together in a brand-new book called Slimming World’s Best-Loved Extra Easy Recipes, which is on sale in Slimming World groups now.

Steve Mosby who runs a Slimming World group in Stretford says he believes this new collection is set to become a firm favourite for slimmers. He adds: “There are so many great Slimming World recipes, from Fish and chips to Pizza-topped chicken and Swede-topped cottage pie to Mississippi mud pie, that I’m sure working out which ones should be included – or which ones to leave out, come to think of it – was a huge challenge. The result is fabulous though, and I was delighted to see that all of my favourite recipes and the ones I know my members love were in there. I think this book is going to be the new kitchen bible for anyone trying to lose weight and eat healthily.”

All 80 of the delicious dishes in Best-Loved Extra Easy Recipes, which includes light bites, main meals and desserts, are based on Slimming World’s famous Food Optimising eating plan. The plan enables members to satisfy their appetite on ‘Free Foods’, like fruit and veg, lean meat, fish, poultry, pasta, eggs, rice and more, which can be enjoyed freely so slimmers can lose weight without ever feeling hungry.

Steve says: “The beauty of Free Foods is that there’s such a long list of everyday foods that members can enjoy without having to laboriously weigh and measure them. It means slimmers find that they can still enjoy healthy, hearty portions of all the meals they’ve always loved and lose weight just by making small changes to the way they prepare and cook them. It’s perfect for guilt-free slimming. Best of all, the dishes taste great and are healthy for the whole family.

“Readers of Best-Loved Extra Easy Recipes who aren’t familiar with Slimming World will probably be surprised to see so many timelessly tasty classics – include our most popular ever recipe Beef lasagne – in the book. It isn’t ‘diet food’, and we know that eating delicious, healthy recipes like this will see people lose weight beautifully.”

Slimming World’s Best-Loved Extra Easy Recipes is available in all Slimming World groups in the UK and Ireland, priced £5.99, now.

For more delicious recipes and to find out more about how you can lose weight and eat delicious food with Slimming World, visit or join the Stretford Slimming World group, which is held every Wednesday at 5.30pm & 7.30pm at Metro’s Sports and Social Club.



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