Slimming World Ready Meals – Mythbusters

ready-meals-montageThere’s a lot of chat on social media about the Slimming World Ready Meals which are due to launch in Iceland Stores very soon – however there’s also been a few rumours circulating which has resulted in members asking me for the truth.

This page will be updated with further queries – but feel free to comment below if you’re wanting to know something which is being rumoured about on Unofficial Slimming World Facebook Groups.

Tip: The best source of information, and the most accurate, is from your Slimming World Consultant in your local group.

Last updated: 28 January 2014

If you show your Slimming World Member Card, you will receive a discount / 2 meals for £5

This isn’t correct. Vouchers will be distributed to Slimming World Group Members to allow them to purchase the meals at a discount

There is a offer for Iceland staff to join Slimming World at a discounted price

This is correct. Please see ‘Iceland People’ for information on this offer

The meals will also be available in ASDA / Tesco stores

This is incorrect. The meals are produced by Iceland for Iceland Stores only

There are Syns in these meals / how many Syns are in the Slimming World Ready Meals

The Slimming World Ready Meals are Syn Free

Will the recipes be available before the items go on sale?

You can find a list of the products here. Some recipes are available through LifelineOnline



SWStretford provides a range of information about the Slimming World plan. The webpage was previously where a local Slimming World Consultant in Stretford, Manchester would post updates.