Mullerlight recipe syn changes – is it true? (Social media rumour)

muller-light-toffee-slimmingworld-stretfordThere’s a message circulating on Social Media in regards to changes to the recipes of Muller Lights – in particular, some previously free varieties are now attracting syns values, and calling on members of unofficial Slimming World Facebook groups to petition Muller to change their recipes back.

Here’s a typical post which you may see:

Just heard about changes to Muller Lights!

As from 1st August Müller is re-branding and reformulating all their Müllerlight yogurts to make them thicker and creamier. Although some flavours are still Free, this will affect the Syn values of some yogurts.

The Müllerlight flavours that are still FREE are:
– Cherry
– Orange sprinkled with dark chocolate
– Raspberry and cranberry
– Strawberry
– Toffee
– Vanilla
– Vanilla sprinkled with dark chocolate

The Müllerlight flavours that are no longer FREE are:
– Banana and Custard (175g pot): 1 Syn
– Mandarin (175g pot): ½ Syn
– Peach & Pineapple (175g pot): ½ Syn
– Rhubarb (175g pot): ½ Syn

Plus – the Vanilla sprinkled with dark chocolate with a black cherry underlayer (165g pot) has changed to 1½ Syns

Is it true?

Yes and no – Muller have changed the recipe, however this was back from August 2011 – this is actually a very old topic which someone has come across and didn’t notice the date.

As such, there are no current changes to the recipes which we know of, and the current syn values remain.

Do ensure that you check Lifeline Online to verify any updates on Social Media to ensure they’re accurate – I have received a number of queries from members who have seen incorrect information in certain online groups which could have impacted their weight loss journey.

Have a great, long, Bank Holiday weekend!



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