Porky Lights – Updated information 17 April 2017

Update from Slimming World:


As has been extensively reported, after we became concerned about the fat content of Porky Lights sausages we removed them from our food database and commissioned a number of independent tests, which showed that fat levels were high and inconsistent. As a result of the variation in fat levels, we were unable to give the sausages an accurate Syn value so they couldn’t be returned to the database. We also referred the matter to Trading Standards and still await their findings. In the meantime, other independent tests on Porky Lights have produced similar results to ours.

We have been in touch with G. White & Co, the manufacturers of Porky Lights, and let them know that if they are able to provide regular, reliable lab results that show that Porky Lights are consistently low fat, as stated on their packaging, we would welcome the opportunity to add the sausages to our database.

We are aware that BBC’s The One Show has conducted their own investigation into Porky Lights’ fat content, which will be airing on Tuesday night at 7pm. Like you, we will be watching with interest.

As you know, hundreds of thousands of members attend our groups each week for support to reach and maintain a healthy weight. They rely on the information and advice we give them to ensure they’re successful in their weight loss journey. Ensuring they can trust the information we provide to them and get the best possible support to achieve their weight loss dreams will always be at the heart of what we do.




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