Growing a herb garden at home

herb-garden-katemonkeyPerennial Herbs are fragrant and entirely useful for recipes that call for freshly chopped herbs. They make wonderful teas, sachets and dried herbal wreaths. These perennial herbs include rosemary, chives, angelica, bay leaf, mint, lemongrass, lavender, echinacea, aloe, fennel and oregano. Another perennial that delights feline pets is catnip. There are many perennial herbs to choose from for perennial herb gardens.

Growing Perennial Herbs

When growing perennial herbs, it’s important to remember each genus of herb may have very different soil, water, sun and shade requirements. Not all perennial herbs grow in all climates, either. Growing perennial herbs is a interesting and fun hobby, with the added benefit of good health. Growing perennial herbs for kitchen use can be planned for one area of the garden, while others can be grown as an added feature of a flower or rock garden or to line a sidewalk.

The main thing is to find the herbs you want to grow and then check each herbs requirements. You can then do grouping of plants with similar needs of sunlight and soil. When your plants are ready to be harvested, it is great to know that you raised them yourself and you get the added knowledge of getting the health benefits of the herbs.
If you enjoy the herb growing very much you may move up to doing it part time for extra money. There are a few ways you can make extra income from growing your herbs. Lets talk now about growing and selling your home grown herbs to others.

Perennial Herb Garden, A Tradition That Continues

Most perennial herb gardens were originally grown just outside a kitchen window for convenience. Today, many are grown in pots for kitchen windowsills.


Image: Herb garden image is courtesy of  KateMonkey