One Syn One Cup Microwave Cake

calendar1Chocolate is one of the foods which usually doesn’t phase me – but sometimes it’s a craving which appears from no-where. I know a few members and colleagues look for low Syn options to keep track of their food.

Today at our team meeting, one of my colleagues mentioned about the One Syn Microwave Chocolate Cake which you make in a cup – sounded a little odd, but I always try everything once before making judgement, so that’s just what we did tonight.

To make this little treat, you will need:

1 medium egg
1 tbsp cocoa powder (1 Syn)
3 tbsp sweetener

First, crack the egg into a bowl and whisk until light and fluffy. Once done, add the cocoa powder and sweetener and fold together. Then whisk again for 1 minute until it resembles chocolate cake mixture. Then put into a microwaveable cup for 1 minute until cooked.

Simply pour out onto a plate and enjoy.

how was it?
It did seem quite odd, and the picture doesn’t really make it look appealing at all! Without flour, this didn’t have much of a rise and tasted a bit omelette like than cake – but it was sweet and a larger piece of ‘cake’ – especially for just one Syn. So when you consider that, it wasn’t too bad really.

Would we have it again? Possibly as a last resort if there’s nothing in the house and we don’t want to try nipping to the corner shop and spending 5-10 syns at least on a chocolate bar, but this would probably be nice with a little low fat fromage frais and fruit.

What’s your opinion?

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