Porky Lights – Updated Statement, 21 April 2017

Updated statement from Slimming World:


Following this evening’s The One Show and subsequent statement from the manufacturers of Porky Lights, G White & Co., we are still extremely concerned that the company has failed to address how independent tests commissioned by Slimming World and a number of other organisations – over a number of months – produced such high fat levels so inconsistent with the company’s own testing and the product’s low fat claims. Nor have G White & Co. explained how they plan to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Furthermore, we have recently become aware that the packaging for Porky Lights sausages, the nutrition information and the way in which the manufacturer is measuring fat levels has all changed. We’ve also seen reports from people on social media suggesting recently purchased Porky Lights sausages differ in appearance and taste from products they bought earlier this year. While the recent tests commissioned by The One Show and Trading Standards would indicate that the manufacturer has taken urgent steps to lower the fat levels, consistency is still our main concern.

We have always maintained that if the manufacturers are able to show us that they have put procedures in place to ensure they can consistently achieve improved results, and are able to provide regular, reliable lab reports which demonstrate that Porky Lights are consistently in line with the information declared on their packaging, we would welcome the opportunity to reinstate the sausages onto our database. Unfortunately we are not yet at this point.

In the 26 years that we have had a food database, we have developed excellent relationships with more than 1,500 manufacturers and retailers. This isn’t a ‘sausage squabble’. This is about continuing to provide our members with accurate information and a service they can trust to protect their weight loss. We’d be letting our 900,000 members down if we were to ignore this issue




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