Tracey Topping loses nearly 18 stone to become Slimming World’s Greatest Loser 2017

A grandmother from Northampton who was so overweight she couldn’t work has lost 18 stone to be been named as Slimming World’s ‘Greatest Loser of 2017’.

47-year old Tracey Topping went from 30 stone to just under 12 stone and says it’s completely changed her life.

At her heaviest, she struggled to walk from the front door to the car, and couldn’t fit in the bath.

Tracey says she swapped takeaways and opted to cook meals from scratch after joining Swimming World in November 2014.

Before I wasn’t active at all because I was too big, now I’ve done a Race for Life 10k, I can walk for miles and enjoy playing with my grandchildren. My weight loss has completely changed my life – and I love it! I want to show other people who might be feeling the way I was that there is hope and they can lose the weight.

Tracey is now a size 10-12 and weighs in at a healthy 11 st 6Ibs. She now runs her own Slimming World group in Northampton.


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