Steve Miller’s view that Slimming Clubs are full of ‘middle-aged women wearing cardigans’

Slimming clubs have been in the media this morning – with BBC Breakfast having my lovely colleague Carole Wright speak about how she lost an amazing 19 stone 10lbs with Slimming World, and also the larger obesity crisis which the UK is experiencing. It was a very interesting piece and this highlighted some of the issues facing the UK at the moment and how it can also impact children. The recorded programme is currently not available on BBC iPlayer, but hopefully will appear soon.

A BBC News article was published just after the programme, and reports that 64% of adults in the UK are classed as overweight or obese.

ITV This Morning

Over on ITV, there was a discussion with Steve Miller (Hypnotherapist) and Rosemary Conley (Health and Fitness Clubs) with the topic ‘are slimming clubs a waste of time’?

This sparked a lot of debate on Twitter as Steve Miller explained on Friday morning television that he believed they were just full of ‘whining’, ‘middle-aged women wearing cardigans’ and described them as ‘depressing’.

I’d like to clarify that Steve is far from the truth, and our groups are certainly not ‘depressing’. Indeed a lot of our members (and indeed those of other weight loss clubs) were pleased to tweet their comments to the programme, using the #SlimmingClubDebate hashtag.




 And even an apprentice at ITV was happy to mention her success:



The British Medical Journal also released an interesting paper in September 2011, which found that slimming clubs did work for people referred to them for help – instead of primary care help from their GP or medical advice.

Well done

To finish off the debate, I posted a quick message to congratulate everyone on their weight loss success – with any weight loss organisation – as it takes determination to seek help and lose weight. A very well done to everyone who has lost weight – and successfully kept it off as well.


And I’d also like to clarify to Steve Millar:



You’re more than welcome to come to our of our groups to find out for yourself.




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