Bacon Medallions – Syn Value

We’ve come across some queries recently about the Syn value of Bacon medallions which are found in most supermarkets (we’ve used the example of Tesco Smoked Bacon Medallions here) as they’re showing as having 0.5 Syns when looking at the Syns food database, or when using the mobile app to check details of the Syn values.

All lean cuts of meat are Syn free, and the Syn value which is being shown on the mobile app / Syns database comes from the nutritional information provided by the supermarkets. If you look closely, there may be some fat still remaining around the edge of the medallions, which is why the low Syn value applies to this form of bacon.

Simple – to make bacon medallions Syn-free, simply ensure all of the visible fat is removed, and you can enjoy this product as part of the Free Foods section of Food Optimising!

Bacon medallions (especially smoked ones!) go great in the Slimming World Ultimate Burger…


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