Brendan O’Donnell – Slimming World’s Man of the Year 2014

Brendan O’Donnell had been overweight since childhood but turning 30 saw him decide to make a change. He joined his local Slimming World group in East Yorkshire and lost an incredible 11st 3lbs.

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“I was nicknamed ‘Big Bee’ as a child and had struggled with my weight since school. I turned 30 at the beginning of 2013. I’d been lucky and didn’t have any health problems, but I began to wonder how long I could continue with the lifestyle I was leading and remain reasonably healthy.

“We organised a number of birthday celebrations throughout the year and looking back I realise my weight impacted on a lot of them. A holiday to Spain last summer was almost ruined because I spent the whole time feeling too hot to enjoy myself, and on the plane home I only just managed to fasten the seatbelt. It dug into me for the whole flight and I decided enough was enough.

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Steve was a Slimming World Consultant, running 2 groups in Stretford, Greater Manchester for over 9 years. He lost 5 1/2 stone following the Food Optimising plan and helped thousands of people lose weight healthily and successfully. You can find him on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.