Christmas Gifts: A Wonderful Career

Many people have commented about how passionately I speak about Slimming World – perhaps it’s a gentle bias after losing weight with the plan, but at the same time, it’s totally honest and isn’t a hidden agenda or anything else. I truly love my role as a consultant, and after 6 years, it’s still amazing at each group, meeting lovely members and helping them on their weight loss journey.

It’s no secret that Slimming World is the UK’s favourite way to lose weight – more people attend our groups than any other company in the UK, and people who attend our groups are at least three times more likely to succeed than if they go it alone.

Founded in 1969, Slimming World is based on the idea of removing guilt from the process of losing weight – removing all the negative thoughts which it has by providing an eating plan which not only works, but is easy to follow and provides the most choice for people who want to lose weight. And it certainly shows in the numbers of members at our groups – over 500,000 people attend our groups each week, and there’s more than 10,000 groups in the UK.

But as a company, we’re still growing.

The reason for this, is down to the facts from HM Government.

Over 61.3% of adults in the UK are classed as overweight or obese

30% of children aged between 2 and 15 are also classed as overweight or obese

People who are overweight or obese have a higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers

Excess weight can also make it more difficult for people to find and keep work, as well as affecting self-esteem and mental health

They’re powerful facts from the Government, but as well as this, it costs the NHS over £5bn a year to deal with health conditions caused by being overweight or obese. It is sometimes cited in newspapers as an ‘epidemic’ and the Government has tried with healthy eating campaigns – see the NHS Eat Well Plate article for more.

Roles with Slimming World

Each year, we influence around 3 million people to lead healthier lifestyles, and we’re currently expanding further within the UK. We’re currently recruiting for new consultants in the Manchester area, as well as nationally across the country, and if you’d like a new challenge, this might be for you.

One key requirement however – you must be, or have been, a Slimming World member and lost weight with us. This is because we only recruit people from inside our groups as they understand the emotions of slimming, and also have experienced the plan first hand. We never recruit people who haven’t been a member of our groups before – if you haven’t tried it, how can you motivate other people to lose weight?!

Being a consultant is very rewarding – and I’ve previously blogged about this on our website. There’s an opportunity event taking place on 5 January 2014 in Manchester at the Etrop Grange Hotel near Manchester International Airport. If you’d like to find out more about the role, what we get up to as consultants, or if you’d just like to find out more, do get in touch.

You can register here for the next event.

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