Is there a new Food Optimising plan in January 2014?

I’ve been asked this over the last week at group, and more recently on social media with a number of people eagerly waiting for the ‘new plan’ in 2014.

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to wait at all! The truth is that with the flexibility and choice that Extra Easy provides, and that our members are losing weight fantastically with this healthy eating plan (not a diet!), we don’t need a new plan as there’s nothing wrong with Food Optimising!

There’s no changes to the plan at all – still enjoy all your Free Food, Healthy Extras and Syns each day to lose weight beautifully, and boost into 2014 feeling healthier and revitalised.

And inside your pack, there’s also a copy of the Original Days (often known as the “Red Day”) and Green Days plan to give you even more choice!

Holding on for January?

But why wait until January to start? Our amazing Stretford groups have lost and amazing 50 and a half stone in the past 8 weeks, which shows that you can lose weight during the Christmas run up. Better still, we’re currently offering your first week totally free, so all you’ll pay is just your membership fee of £10 to join.

Find out more about our Stretford groups through this website, or if you’re not in the Manchester area, we have more than 10,000 groups nationally, so you’ll be assured of a warm welcome, wherever you are!





SWStretford provides a range of information about the Slimming World plan. The webpage was previously where a local Slimming World Consultant in Stretford, Manchester would post updates.