‘Fat Shaming’ cards handed to London Tube passengers

Image: @kflorish
Image: @kflorish

We were horrified to hear this happening today in the news, that a number of people have been handing such hurtful insults to people.

This certainly shouldn’t be happening – and the response from the British Transport Police is good to hear, that they’re watching out for it happening.

BBC News:

Commuters on the London Underground are being handed cards telling them they are a “fat, ugly human” by a group that claims to “hate and resent fat people”.

NHS worker Kara Florish posted a message on social media after being handed a card while travelling on the Tube on Saturday.

She described the card, which berates overweight people for “wasting NHS money” as “hateful and cowardly”. British Transport Police said they had been made aware of the campaign.   — The feedback from the community on Twitter has been brilliant and supportive:

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