Slimming World on the cheap – Pre-Payday meal ideas!

10828069_848227371910231_2691459290710080026_oAs a member of Slimming World, the aim for many is to tighten our belts – in jeans that is! However at this time of year when we’re fast approaching the festive season and money is spent on presents and preparations, it’s a good time to think of some fab money-saving meals to get you through the weeks before the big pre-Christmas payday!

Thanks to Food Optimising, Slimming World members are able to choose freely from a wide range of foods which fit each budget – and this week on Lifeline Online, you’ll find a range of strategies to get you through the pre-payday weeks!

With some fab money saving meal ideas – and even ideas for leftovers, you’ll find the article really useful.

There’s also a range of fantastic recipes – such as Fish Pie and Salmon and Herb Fishcakes.

When you’ve finished your Sunday roast and have some bits left, Bubble and Squeak is a great money-saving meal idea.

And finally, the most versatile of recipes – Bolognese Sauce. From the simple tomato based sauce, you can make a number of recipes, such as cottage pie and even chilli con carne.

Got a portion left? If you can, why not chill it and enjoy as lunch tomorrow? There’s a wide range of meals from Slimming World which you can batch cook – ideal for winter lunches at work, but also a time saving cheat (as well as money saving!)



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