What is Slimming World Success Express?

[bs_label type=”warning”]Important[/bs_label] This article relates to Slimming World’s Original and Green Day plans which are no longer supported. This advice may not relate to the Slimming World’s Extra Easy plan.

Success Express is a different plan for Food Optimising, which brings together some parts of the Original (or Red Day) Plan and the Green Day plan, meaning that on the same plate, you can enjoy the best of both days!

This plan is great if you’re following the Original Plan or the Green Plan as you can enjoy your food even more with a mix of both days on the same plate!

The Success Express plan can also boost your weight loss as it is based on the superfree speed foods in your Food Optimising book.

How it works

To enjoy Success Express, imagine that you have split your plate into thirds.

One third of the plate can be filled with choices from the Original Plan and the Green Plan. This could be things like potatoes and lean meat, which are free foods on the Green and Original Plans.

The remaining two thirds of your plate should then be filled with superfree foods on the Original and Green day plans – things such as most vegetables and salads.

For snacks, you can choose items from the Free Foods list, or we’d recommend going for the superfree foods to give your weight loss an even bigger boost!


  • 1/3 of a plate with a Jacket Potato and Tuna
  • 2/3 of a plate filled with a colourful mixed salad




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