Did you get a Tassimo Coffee Machine for Christmas? Syn Values

Tassimo is a free standing compact coffee machine which makes popular coffee-based drinks but also tea, hot chocolate and various other drinks, some which use milk in the process, such as lattes and cappuccino. The ‘pods’ can be bought from the online store, or from most high-street supermarkets.

The pods are generally single use, and there is also a hot water attachment to convert the product into a quick-brewing kettle [handy!]. You could even use this instead of a kettle to reduce energy costs when boiling!

These coffee machines are very simple to use – just add your pod, place a cup underneath and press go. The drink is usually ready in under a minute. You can minimse cleanup too – once complete, just throw away the pod. Probably easier than using other styles of machine!

Unique to the machine is the T-Disc – the small ‘pod’ which goes into the machine. Each one has a particular barcode – this is read by the machine automatically and then it calculates how much hot water to dispense into your cup, ensuring no spillage can happen, but also makes the drink taste perfect.

At the back of the machine, you’ll find a water tank which usually holds around a litre of water.

With Slimming World, most hot drinks are Free Food, however when milk or non-free products are added, Syn values may apply – as such, any of the latte and cappuccino products for Tassimo may not be free due to the addition of milk. Therefore, you can avoid this by adding your own milk to the product (from your milk allowance, of course!) which keeps you in control during your weight loss plan.

Here are a number of Syn values for Tassimo drinks – many more are available on Lifeline Online.

Tassimo Syn Values

  • Oreo drink – 5 Syns
  • Milka – 6 Syns
  • Twinings Chai Latte – 4.5 Syns
  • English Breakfast – Syn Free
  • Earl Grey – Syn Free
  • Costa Latte – 4.5 Syns
  • Costa Cappucino – 2 Syns
  • Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate (with milk pod) – 6 Syns
  • Costa Americano Smooth – Syn Free
  • Jaobs Lattee Macchiato – 4.5 Syns

Tassimo Machines

You can purchase a range of Tassimo Machines and coffee pods from the Amazon website:

You can also purchase the machine direct from Bosch in most high street stores.



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