Shopping Trip and Planning Ahead

Saturday is shopping day in our house, and a trip to the local supermarket. But before heading there with no idea of what to get – it’s best to sit down and setup a meal plan for the week ahead.

One of our members at our Gorse Hill group has a great idea to get the whole family on-board – by having a large chalk board in the kitchen with every meal of the week listed. This not only gets everyone in the same mood and motions for eating healthy, but also saves money in the long run, as you know exactly what you need when out shopping.

Watch out when you’re in the supermarket, as the main purpose of stores is to make money – from you! They have the shelves full with ‘special offers’ and ‘savings’ but it’s become apparent from many programmes on tv that these are not always as good as they seem. Sometimes with prices increased beforehand, or even significant issues with multibuy offers

Keeping to a budget is difficult at Christmas time, and through supermarkets, you’ll find things at eye level to try and trick you into buying more, or buying new products. And then there’s the time spent at the checkouts with the chocolate within arm’s reach.

Some people find online shopping a lot better – it means that you can see how much you’re spending, you don’t have the temptation of offers which aren’t really what you need, or the sweets at the checkouts. But there is also the problem of quality, as some people have said they don’t like the items sent.

So find a balance between the options and get ready for sticking to your shopping list. You can find some budget ideas here, such as the downshift challenge which is great to try. And save a few pennies in store!



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